September 2016


After having had every good intention of updating this page on a regular basis, time slipped by once again and spring sprung before we knew it. Winter was long and pretty cold with more frost than normal and while most of the fruit trees enjoyed this, unfortunately not the sub-tropical bananas, but hopefully they will recover.


The olive harvest was good with a record crop, but with oil yield slightly down. Our 2016 oil is available in our shop and the pickled olives will be bottled shortly. We enjoyed a good supply of oranges, naartjies and guavas fresh from the trees while the lemon supply for gin and tonics (as well lemonade of course) was as plentiful as ever.


We had a steady stream of visitors who came through and enjoyed the crisp and clear winter weather, and it stll remains our favourite time of year. Unfortunately Koos our general farm hand had an accident on his motorbike involving another vehicle, and he remains off recovering from a broken leg. He had the cast removed yesterday so we hope to have him back soon 


So here we are heading into summer again and preparing for the season ahead. Once again we are pretty much booked up for the Xmas period but with the odd gap here and there.


We have taken a decision not to continue advertising through third party sites and are just going to focus on staying in touch with our regular guests who really enjoy our farm for what it is and who we in return enjoy having here. We will stay in touch with you all via a newsletter and whilst we will no longer advertise, we will be happy to welcome recommended friends and aquaintances of yours.


Looking forward to seeing you.



Karen & John 



January 2016


The Xmas season has come and gone, but the fine and hot (too hot for me) weather continues and our guests are enjoying the cooling comfort of the river. Unfortunately we had a couple of unwelcome visits from otters recently and lost a couple of ducks and chickens, but have sinced beefed up our cage enclosures so hopefully they are now safe.


We lost two of our three ducks but managed to obtain a buddy from Botterkloof for him and they are now happily roaming the garden and keeping the snail population under control.

Happy Ducks

The organic garden continues to flourish under Wycliff's loving care and how he managed to keep it going with all the demand for greens from the local restaurants I don't know. At least we can now get some vegetables again for ourselves after the "family hang back" period.

Our new brother and sister team of Ringo and Milly have been great at keeping the rat and mice population under control and since their arrival our loss of crops to these pesky little rodents has radically diminished.


The olive trees are looking good and we are heading for a bumper crop if the trees manage to hold onto the fattening fruit. We will be picking and pressing late March/early April so if anyone would like to buy oil or pickled olives just contact us and we will be happy to oblige.

Our rates are marginally up for the year but I'm sure we still offer very good value for money and look forward to welcoming returning guests and new guests alike.

Karen & John





















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